Guest Blogger: Brother, Part 2 – Day 1… Two Sisters, One Mug

I am brother to Nomads, and Guncle to Scoutdoors. I recently endured an entire week with these Looney Tunes in their Wheel Home. These are my stories. ₰DUH-DUH₰

Prior to my visit with the Great Scoutdoors and her Nomad units I was selected by a renowned panel of international stranger people to participate in a prestigious celebration of worldly arts and culture. The prodigious celebration took place in the sacred Desierto de la Roca Negra in Mexico’s Ancient High Desert. By the end of my adventure I found myself with what was the worst sore throat I have ever had in my life. Seriously. It was worse than the time I was a virgin and had Mono. Sister was made aware of my ill situation prior to my arrival and advised the help to stock the wheel home accordingly.

For Millennia the Milk Maid and I have bonded over our love of Throat Coat Tea paired with a hearty tablespoon or two of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. It is a holistic ritual that continually strengthens our sisterhood, and our immune systems. Upon my arrival at the Nomad’s wheel home, sister and I used my sore throat as reason enough to indulge in a couple of mugs of the good stuff. It was going to be great! We’d boil, we’d brew, we’d wrap our dainty hands around our own hot mugs because we are big girls now and don’t have to share anything, and then we’d curl up on the heated-massaging recliners and live it up. It was going to be the BEST! ….. dreams. They are important, because you learn from them. Do you know what RV kitchens have? Clever storage space. Do you know what RV kitchens DON’T have? Enough of the clever storage space. But who am I to pass the buck and blame the wheel home builders for the hell that ensued? No one, that’s who, so I will give my dollar to someone else. I’m not one to throw my FamBam under the bus, but I will tell you a younger sister who shall not be named made a poor judgment call on moving day. Out of the house went all the mugs, and into the RV went one. ONE. SINGLE. MUG. And we had to share the mug. The ONE single mug. It sucked. It was weird. I didn’t like it. I don’t ever want to do it again. We aren’t the kind of family that does those sorts of things, and it wasn’t right. So readers, please follow the link below and donate to the Mug Fund I set up for our Nomads.

Only YOU can prevent mugcest! -Smokey



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