Guest Blogger: Brother, Part 1 – The Night Before… Placenta Trip

I am brother to Nomads, and Guncle to #TheGreatScoutdoors. I recently endured an entire week with these Looney Tunes in their Wheel Home. These are my stories. ₰DUH-DUH₰
This blog post is an interactive one, folks. So I hope you have some time, because YOU get to control this Dear Journal. Have you ever played 20 questions? I haven’t, but I think it goes something like this….
Sister had her placenta dehydrated and packed into little frozen horse pills and delivered in an unmarked mason jar. Answer the questions and make your own story!
1. Guess what didn’t make it into the Nomad’s wheel home on moving day?
2. Guess who asked someone to bring it along?
3. Guess who was asked?
4. Guess who said yes?
5. Guess who ACTAULLY packed it?
6. Guess who was flying?
7. Guess who didn’t ‘think about it’ when they agreed to travel across the country with their sister’s Uterus parts?
8. Guess who ‘thought about it’ while packing the night before their flight?
9. Guess who had a small panic attack?
10. Guess who scoured their medicine cabinet for a prescription bottle?
11. Guess who doesn’t get sick, EVER?
12. Guess who showed up at the airport with placenta pills?
13. Guess who didn’t check their luggage?
14. Guess who went through security with a bottle of dehydrated Uterus parts?
15. Guess who’s carryon was in the X-Ray scanner the longest?
16. Guess who’s carryon was pulled off the side of the security conveyor no passenger ever wants their carryon to be pulled from?
17. Guess who’s carryon was searched?
18. Guess what the security guards found?
19. Guess what the security guards asked?
20. Guess what someone said to them?

Stay tuned for more of my dear diary moments from this placenta filled adventure!




One thought on “Guest Blogger: Brother, Part 1 – The Night Before… Placenta Trip

  1. I’m guessing (19) they asked if you why in the hell you were carrying these straaaaange pillss. Could they be narcotics? Hmmmmm. You look like a drug runner. And (20) Someone said, let him go, you brutes. He is on a humanitarian journey. Narcotics or not. He is also really cute.

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